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The news of a world reopening to international travel is generating anticipation as much as it is excitement among tourism destinations, hungry for a return of vacationers and explorers that for over a year have been absent.

Recent announcements of the European Union allowing foreign visitors to return under the new Covid vaccination and testing protocols, boads well for travelers in the upcoming summer season for the northern hemisphere.  Popular destinations for vacations such as France and Spain open borders as lockdown restrictions are reduced.

Multiple annual events across Europe and the United States that were cancelled in 2020, plan to resume in 2021 with the most exciting and interesting you will find in the Kaizen leisure news here on our website under the Private Jets section. From motorsport events to world class art auctions and exhibitions to new adventure travel locations, stay up to date with what’s new to have a well deserved holiday.

Author: John Zapel, COO of Kaizen

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